Who We Are

Black Fire reunites a group of restaurant professionals; highly experienced, imaginative and passionate.

Meet the Black Fire

Meet the faces behind our Black fire “Fuego Nero” project. A bite-sized scoop on what you can look forward to – think summery cocktails, a well condensed wine list, and slow-roasted fare.

The “Fuego Nero”

Carolina Sanchez Lopez (AKA “Fuego” the all-knowing GM) and Paolo Milanesi (AKA “Nero” the executive chef)

Carolina began her career in hospitality working in the Spanish markets, fine restaurants and ferias of Madrid. In Asturias and Lanzarote Carolina was a food connoisseur, where she developed a strong passion for service with personality. Carolina has progressed through various positions in Spain and Australia, and has become a real inspiration. She is our wealth of hospitality knowledge as the venue’s General Manager.

What are you most excited for patrons to discover at Black Fire? “I’m excited for them to experience the lot. It’s such a unique venue, service and exceptional food.”

What makes for a truly memorable dining experience? “Making people feel an experience with personality.”

Paolo’s chef’s credits comprise national and international successes including Michelin-starred restaurants in Italy and Spain, and most recently, Locanda’s Canberra Rydges Lakeside and “Il Piatto” Darwin Skycity Casino. Paolo heads the kitchen and is serving up an array of beautiful Mediterranean Spanish influenced dishes and a fire pit slow-roasted fare. “I like to make food as a genuine journey through an experience of our Mediterranean culture and that tastes really good.”

The Sous, the Savvy, the “Romana’” and “The Neuro”

Vince Coomber (AKA “The Sous” Chef de Cuisine ), Dexter Mathias (AKA “The Savvy” Floor Manager), Andrea Imeri (AKA “The Romana’” Assistant manager) and Claudio Milanesi (AKA “The Neuro” cocktail maestro)

Vince comes from a large extensive background in Fine and Casual cooking in very good restaurants across Australia, he has worked with Paolo for many years now and he is his right hand.

What’s Black Fire got that others don’t? “It’s a unique venue to Canberra, it’s a restaurant that’s given up formalities and makes you feel at home, our fire pit beside the kitchen where we slow roasted parts of lambs and suckling pig makes you feel that we are taking very seriously the cooking of our food."

Dexter is an authority in hospitality, he spent many years working with the highest level 5 star hotel restaurants in Spain, Italy, India and here in Australia. He has a lot of experience.

What is the vibe in Braddon and at Black Fire? “Braddon is a full on hospitality suburb where you can find multiple food and cultural concepts, really anything, it’s a beautiful mixture with a wonderful history. Black Fire reflects a concept of all of that with it’s own unique and authentic food and service experience… Who wouldn’t want to be a part of that?”

Andrea is our proud Roma (Italy) born and bred floor expert, he manages and maintains the good vibes, and he personalises the service in a unique way. Andrea comes from several years of experience in fine restaurants in Italy and here in Australia.

Describe Black Fire in three words. “Fun, relaxed and versatile.”

What was your first ever job? “When I was 12 I was a food runner for a restaurant in “Piazza di Spagna” in Roma.”

Claudio has worked for more than 3 decades in bars across Europe, and brings his cocktail expertise and passion for Canberra’s drink culture to Black Fire. He is the venue’s Bar Mixologist.

What’s your nickname? “Apparently ‘The Neuro’ has stuck due to my passion in Sangria and Cocktails and I go crazy to make sure the ingredients are all right.”

The cocktails and mixes to look out for in Black Fire are… “Mojitos and definitely the Sangria.”